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We need to pay attention to this.

History: Gordon (Comi) Brown sold all of the BOE gold into the market lows, two decades ago. So did Canada, Australia and some other western central banks.

So the BOE has no gold. Instead it acts as a custodian of gold for other central banks and countries. It does not own the gold it holds in the BOE vault.

So here is the question: How is it that BOE, which has no legal rights of ownership, can transfer this gold to HSBC, to cover the GLD ETF physical backing?

The GLD is a regulated security on NYSE. Where is the SEC? Have they been told by BOE to look the other way?

The corruption by the elite cabal has no bounds.

This is how it looks to me: I have no cows… I am though looking after my mates cows…He’s not doing anything with them right now and trusts me with custody… so I’ll lend the cows to you so you can milk ’em and trade ’em… But remember! You DO NOT ACTUALLY own the cows… Nor do I!!!!!…. OOPS!