If we close this month at around these price levels, the Euro is on its way into the low 90s.

Then maybe a bounce consolidation before testing the low 80s.

As the currency collapses (this is 25% drop) it is likely the European stock markets rise, as capital seeks a hedge against the currency collapse.

Another more severe example was Zimbabwe when their stock index went up 200,000% from 2,000 to 4,000,000 as the currency collapsed to zero purchasing value. Euro will not be that bad, but the same principles apply. So expect European governments will say “look, everything is just fine, as the stock markets are rising”! Meanwhile the majority in the real economy get looted by the minority who own stocks and other assets.

The problem with all this is that society is dysfunctional, when the majority are being looted by the minority. Civil war is generally the outcome as the majority have nothing to lose. This is part of the current agenda to enforce social distancing by law, to stop society getting together to take down the system, which is destroying them.

This may seen too far fetched, but if we look at historical precedent, it rhymes perfectly.