“Now the great trade could be to pick up some [JNUG} after hours and hope the $ comes in flat to down tomorrow…it doesn’t have to be down much, either & it’s time for a rest even if its going higher…that’s just my crack pot 2 cents…”
That’s has happened–gold was up $39–and silver over 80 cents….as I write the cutomary pecking away has already started….it need not be fatal…when gold starts a bounce/bull move/ call it what u will…there are often steep intra-day pullbacks to “shake the tree”…and, there, are also snuffings of a move…one can only set a stop and hope the move has legs…the last 1/2 hours’ smackdown will have everyone nervous today…stock futures are already coming off a bit…could roll over or be up 2 grand by the close…

I am not sure but if u put a gun to my head, I’d say stocks give it all back…not a high confidence call…but if they do go red that will be very bearish cause they are entitled to a good bounce…the virus is not the cause of the trouble…it was just the pin that let the air out of the greatest–11 yr–bubble in financial history==

P.S.—gold should be $3000 no offer…at a minimum