I can understand Fully┬┤s first feeling with that pattern on GCC, posted below. But as I see it, it is all in the weighting. GCC has a flawed weighting that makes it weak compared to the more balanced RJI, and distorts the pattern. GCC is even weaker than $CRB which is energy heavy. The chart below shows this quite clearly. This is why I stick to $CRB and RJI; $CRB because it is the most widely used and RJI because I see it as the most properly balanced commodity index out there.

And if we look at $CRB plus RJI individually below, we are looking great. Possible BT in the cards now.

And also, DXY (SC = $USD) is setting up it looks like, below. That h&s on the daily to the left will take it below my weekly now support line again on the right, and for good this time as I see it.

And, again.

See my Big Picture Series roadmap posts for where we are and where we are going, updated collected list linked below.
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