As you know, I do not do posts nowadays for individual companies but I thought I´d make an exception and do a post here for Canamex Resources. And this because Spock is now unable to post charts for this company over at his site SpockM from now on as he is now the CEO of the company.
I would like to emphasize here that this is an exception for this specific company, all other SpockM rocks should stay at SpockM.

Below we have my daily, weekly and monthly.

So what do we have right here chart wise, well, we have picture perfect setups in all three time frames below.

On the daily we have a beautiful blue falling wedge with a completed FBO at the YCL and an around the apex move coming. And we also have a picture perfect wolfe wave.
The weekly shows a very nice gigantic black falling wedge with the mentioned blue falling wedge. And here we can see that the FBO occurred also at the 15 year commodity cycle low. We can also see that we have just tagged EMA30w from below.
And finally, on the monthly, we have a massive black falling wedge that is BT right now. Also here we have the blue falling wedge with the FBO occurring at the 15 year commodity cycle low, as on the weekly.
We can also see that the indicators are looking good.

It has come back to the PP price so the entry price down here is real good I would say.

Next step is probably either a bull flag here or we might go down and BT the now support line of my blue falling wedge around 0,10.

And the chart for the largest shareholder Hecla Mining is looking real good also, see the chart in my latest Big Picture PM post linked below.