I have been using the 125 SMA as it works well on many time frames w/ gold. Today I add the 250 SMA as well and check in on the last major bottom in gold via the weekly charts. Its a good time to check in on this as we’ve just had the 1st weekly closing above it since the breakdown bounce in 2013. Hypothetically speaking, if we were to continue playing out the 2002/2003 move, the MA cross over would come in about 10 months from now. Symmetry-wise, that would work out well via timing. Personally, I doubt we’ll break much above $1400 before next April based on that alone but would certainly welcome it. The 1st chart is gold today, the 2nd is the BO > the 250 SMA in 2002. The 3rd chart is the 2002 era SMA crossover (10 months later) and the 4th chart is 2003 a full year after the price BO above the 250 SMA. The 5th chart is one I am following that is based on time symmetry. I still can’t shake the feeling that gold has one more downside surprise before a fast reversal higher next year but thats no wonder the way its wearing everyone down. The last chart is a projected path for gold which makes a new high/ capped by $1400 the a correction to $1250ish. Then a real rise can start.