As I have said for a long time now, I think commodities is in a new bull market. Last post on $WTIC is linked here below plus also my big picture commodities post just below that one. Last post on $WTIC Commodities 2.0

I think my purple expanding wedge will hold on $WTIC, below. And looking at my weekly below in the middle it looks like time is up for a further move down since the yearly cycle is overdue already for a bottom. And the monthly to the left is just now tagging one of the important very long term trend lines. Bullish engulfing on the daily.

Looking at my charts for $CRB below, I would think we have a FBO here now on the weekly. And this would give us our first lower high on my quarterly to the right.

Most are here looking for a move down also and that makes me think even more that the surprise will be to the upside.
BUT, as I have said before, $WTIC and $CRB could both go down for a DB here. Time says otherwise though I would say.