I have posted comprehensively for a long time now on that the commodities are in a new bull market as I see it, backing it up with both traditional TA plus longer term cycles. My last major post on it is here:

The weekly below to the left for $CRB is a brand new chart. Look closely at how it interacts with my quarterly to the right. My important very long term trend lines is the reason why we have ended up with this sideways action the past few months.

And my weekly below shows that this sideways action has created a weekly expanding pretty symmetrical wedge (blue). It is my guess that this weekly expanding blue wedge of mine will end up being a halfway pattern to the upside.

Also, I am looking for a hammer-like candle on the quarterly when this month is done. And then a BO above my quarterly expanding blue falling wedge.

$WTIC below is now BT my weekly inverse h&s neckline once more and this will be the last time is my guess, i.e. it should be up from here. And my purple expanding wedge as a BT pattern to my inverse h&s neckline is holding its own.

And note on the monthly to the very right below that the black circles negate each other, i.e. my gigantic monthly rising expanding wedge is pretty much picture perfect.

Looking at my charts above, my expectation is that both $WTIC and $CRB will not go lower than right here (ADDED: that is, $WTIC´s weekly inverse h&s neckline plus $CRB´s support line of the weekly expanding blue wedge). It is up from here as I see it.

One other thing that could happen of course is that we get a DB on my quarterly $CRB chart above. There is room for that inside the quarterly blue expanding falling wedge.