For a very long time now I have been posting on that the US dollar is going down, big time and most probably for good, from around here. I have also been posting for the last couple of weeks that the first larger drop in the US dollar is very close. I have also said that I think the Euro is driving the EURUSD move at this point. I have posted a huge amount of other stuff on the currencies and what I see but for right now, these things are key.

Two days ago I posted on the triple BOs I saw for the US dollar plus my new daily h&s, below:
I said here that it looks to me like we now have the first break down in the US dollar. And do note that these were really weekly BO, gapping.

In the post linked above I used´s data, below is the same chart with Stockcharts. It is crystal clear I would say. Note that price now is wedged between my necklines and trend lines.
As posted two days ago in another post, the triple break downs are:
– My blue h&s
– My version of the longer term trend line from 2014 (lower dotted black trend line)
– One of the major support lines of the two year+ formation (upper dotted black trend line)

With the above in mind, a triple clear break down in the US dollar, have a look at my Euro chart below. We now have a clear BO also here for this daily chart which I have said that I have been looking for. That is one pretty decisive gap right there. This is big. Huge.

And if we have a look at the daily USDU plus UUP below they are just about to break down over the purple h&s neckline, just as $USD daily above.

Turning to the weekly charts below now. Here we have an orgie in sorry looking charts.
$USD – getting ready to take out the support line for my wedge and start dropping
USDU – this chart is classic by now, an orgie in recent bearish engulfings
UUP – just look at those symmetry gaps over the blue trend line, those did not happen by chance

And the daily JPY is about to BT the DB plus tagging EMA150, below. Probably just the latter.

So, as I have said since Jan 2016, we are very much on track, as I see it. The coming moves in the US dollar and the Euro will straighten up the pm charts, as I have said before. Also, the moves are now starting to confirm every single one of my charts.

As said for a long time now, looking for 97 and 95,5 as my first POs for $USD. And with my new h&s on the daily, we can add 94 also to the list, below.

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