There has been a very close match of todays 4+ year correction in gold with that of the 1974 – 1976. Thats a fact. I think the comparison can even go back further so one could compare the starting points of 1968 and 2000 until now except to use a multiplier of approx 2.1 for the 1968 bull to line up with todays. But for now, I am just concentrating on the last 4+ year correction and the old highs and future highs on this post.

What I have done here is to use the same Fibonacci levels reached in both bulls to see how prices might track going forward. The green lines mark similar points in time. The grey circles pinpoint the related Fibonacci level. The gold diagonal lines merely connect the major highs and lows for symmetry. Which played out remarkably well in the 1970s. Will it going forward?

No one can predict so this is just for pure entertainment.