I regard my claim to fame is my Studies and Discoveries in the psychology of the phases of a bull and bear market .

That’s my main message.

However I must emphasize that my next contribution is the weekly stochastic analysis and not enough people pay attention to the weekly stochastics and the importance of them and the value of what they are speaking to us. So this is my secondary contribution to the forum. Case in point is the recent action of RUSL.

Now I recognise the chief hurdle one must jump is the mindset that investors encounter towards this nation.
The propaganda we in the West all encounter about Russia and specifically Putin. I recommend all read the book by Marian Katusa “The Colder War” He gets it right regarding the US vs Russia conflict. Dont paint Russia with broad brush strokes of outdated cold war ideology Is all I am saying .

Knowing this I have shed the past bias regarding Russia and am willing to look past the current anti Russian hysteria and can invest in this vehicle without purposed anti Russian biasess. So here is the series of Plunger indicators and why It has led to taking a position a while back.

sc-460 sc-461 sc-462 sc-463


..Note the weekly stochastic. This is text book. Copy this and save it for what we should look for. Just breaking above 20% .The noise is behind it and ready to rock

..Next the PWMI indicator or Pattern (proprietary). Just cruising here, its what I like to see and hang my hat onto.

..Next is the 4 horseman and its rider.

..Plus it just broke through its 50DMA

..Finally the Renko…

What else can I say is this perfection or what ? …What else does a trader want. Folks this is as good as it gets as far as a set-up and up 14% today…no less. Been squawking this to the knights for awhile but seems no one would listen .


Editor’s Note:

RUSL is a 3X Long ETF on a very Volatile Market ….sound familiar ?

We call the 3X PM ETFs Kamikazi Trades

Perhaps we should call 3X Russia (RUSL and RUSS)… Siberian Suicide Trades