Barr weighs in

I guess he is part of the conspiracy as well.

Fox News on Election Fraud in 2016

Apparently we had election fraud problems back in 2016 as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Crypto Update

Gold’s December Lows

Gold Cycle Update

I posted this Twitter feed on Gold back on November 10th. Did anyone listen?

Surf’s on Parler

Surf has joined Parler in addition to Twitter. The more eyeballs the better.

Uranium Bull Market?

Not quite yet but my cycle analysis shows that we have moved from Stage 4 Bear into Stage 1 Basing over the past 3+ years similar to Gold’s basing period before its 2019 breakout. My attached chart shows how spectacular the last Bull Market was. I have positions in a small junior that I show is being accumulated.

SPX Cycle update

Still have an upside SPX target into next spring of 4,400 to 4,600 based on Fed liquidity injections. The stock market may well be disconnected from the real economy but my cycle work shows it is headed much higher.

Gold’s moment of Truth

Gold’s double bottom must hold and price must close back above the confluence of resistance at the 10ma and 50ma to regain a more bullish posture that a lasting 6-month Intermediate Cycle Low (ICL) has formed.

Surfs gone prospecting

Gold recognition day today that it has found it six month ICL. I Loaded the boat Yesterday with PM stocks so I am off to the Desert to do some prospecting in Goldfield Nevada.

Prospecting in Goldfield Nevada

Uranium Sector

Here is a post on the Uranium sector from yesterday which, according to Weinstein, is in a Stage 4 Bear Market. I also did a deep dive into this sector on my site last night on the likelihood that it may be in the process of transitioning into Stage 1 Basing which precedes a Bull Market breakout. Within my Cycles methodology framework, Longer Cycles almost always dominate Shorter Cycles so understanding where you are in the Longer Cycle, helps you spot early tops if the sector is in a Bear market.

USD Update

Stocks & Crude Oil

My Cycle work has both the Stock Market and Crude Oil seeking out their next 5-6 month Intermediate Cycle Lows (ICLs). My expectations are that both Stocks and Crude will form higher lows than their last ICL (May 2020) as I still see this move as an Elliott Wave ABC corrective move lower against the primary trend which is up.

Gold’s Longer term Cycle Outlook

I am very Bullish on Gold after the next long-term Intermediate Cycle Low forms in Gold (after the US Election?). The 2,400-2,500 level in Gold will likely be tested by next Spring, IMO. Still waiting for the next low, however, before I back up the truck on Gold & Silver Mining Stocks. Longer-term the USD is headed much lower and Inflation is coming, IMO. Just too much money printing by the US Government as the US Debt is fast approaching $30 Trillion.

ADDED: My long-term Price Channel or Fork looks quite solid and once price moves above the centerline to test the top rail, the centerline is usually strong support in any move into an ICL.

GDX still moving into its next ICL

The USD is bouncing while Gold & PMs are heading lower. Gold & Silver have not made lower lows yet but that is still my expectation as GDX has delivered another Failed short-term Daily or Trading Cycle today confirming it is still seeking out its next Intermediate Cycle Low (ICL). Here is a free post I just made on Twitter.

Covid-19, Ebola and the Black Plague

What do Covid-19, the Black Plague, and Ebola have in common? All three have been used by the Money Changes to gain control over the disorganized masses as a means to an end. Is Trump trying to put an end to all this? Time Will Tell if he will be successful.

How far back in human history have the Money Changers or Bankers controlled the disorganized masses? Some say it goes all the way back to the Bronze Age of the Sumerians, Hittites, and Phoenicians.

Today we know the Money Changers to be the hidden owners of the world’s Central Banks. I find the attached link very instructive to the point of being mind-bending.

The First False Flags

Is POM a Left Wing site?

If you think Philosophy of Metrics (POM) is left-wing, just look at these two posts …

I don’t agree with everything on the site by any means. I read from a wide variety of sources and while I am skeptical & cynical, I have found the site to be quite instructive.

Armstrong’s ECM Cycles

Martin Armstrong is somewhat spotty in the short term but his longer-term stuff is spot on IMO. His outlook over the next decade is also very similar to that of the Fourth Turning generational theory by Strauss & Howe. My second chart below shows the ECM in favor of Private Institutions will peak in 2032 just when Faith in Public Institution’s bottoms.

If the combined outlook from these two is correct, it’s time to have a financial plan and buckle up as the next 8-12 years is going to be a complete shit show…

Gold & USD outlook

My longer-term outlook on the USD & Gold.