Kilonova’s gold

“We finally now know what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object and it’s a kilonova.”

“We see the gold being formed,” said Syracuse’s Brown.

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LT Crude (EW) per Sam

Sam updated his LT count for crude last night.
There seems to be some general interest here, so I thought I’d post it.
As he sees it, there’s a small rising wedge that has to complete before the local top.
For those who don’t enlarge the chart, please be aware that the final low is targeting 2023 or so.
And yes, I treat these as “roadmap sketches” subject to further refinements along the way.
But its also a part of a coherent many markets Bigger Picture, including SPX, DX, and PMs.

Dow VLT (EW)

Don Wolanchuk is a widely known and honored market timer.
For eight years, he’s been snorting “Epicenter of Wave Three” to widespread ridicule.
Breeze also posts at Silicon Investor, and appears to collaborate with Don.
I missed this chart on Breeze’s site, but spotted it today at Pretzel’s.

Its provocative, to say the least.
I wish it would be in log form, which makes more sense over the VLT.
For non EWers, this outlines the basics of impulses (1-5), corrections (ABC) and fractals (multiple degrees).

GSC = grand super cycle; SC = supercycle

Directly it says that we are in SC III of GSC III, and this thing still has a long way to go (2032 per Armstrong?)

Indirectly, I think this is saying Dow 100,000 is just a matter of time and the Maduroization of the dollar given $200T in unfunded liabilities.

Would welcome critiques from anyone with EW expertise.

SPX observations (EW)

My post on another board, based on a synthesis of work done by various wavers.

First cracks?
pedro_deleon – Mon, Oct 9, 2017 – 11:07 PM

The first bearish cracks in this beast could arrive late this week, or early next.

And that’s assuming we recover today’s catastrophic losses over the next few days.

Nevertheless, in EW parlance we likely have multiple 4,5 unwinds* remaining.
Basic EW requires that you can count to 5, and spell ABC.
Fed intervention means that you need a PhD in economics or physics, because you can get multiple sets of nested impulse sequences buried within a high degree wave. (Think back to hierarchical bookmarks nested within folders within folders)
In this case, within the high degree 5th wave that launched Feb 2016.

So no final top remotely in view yet, IMO.

*Potentially, here’s my counting of the 1,2s that require bookending:
1 set at high degree from 2010-12 if a flat.
2 sets from that period if not a flat.

More sets of 1,2s after the Feb 16 lows (which ended high degree W4)
First set from Brexit (within W5)
Second set from election
Third set from the brief Apr drop that led into the current subwave 3 deep within W5.

So four unwinds ahead still, at a minimum, potentially. Possibly five.
At least one of which will be a larger 4 and 5. (EW)

Stumbled onto this from Gofsky, after seeing HighRoller’s note

“(Big Picture) 2 year Weekly Chart. Very clean {Elliott Wave} 5th wave move in progress. 5th wave blow off into legalization 2018? ”


Int’l Lithium
Worth a look IMO

Just concluded 18mo pullback after spike high in early 2016.
Starting another run?

Moriarty on NVO (2012)

Two assertions I’ve seen:
The Wits (according to wiki) has accounted for half the gold mined worldwide to date.
The Pilbara has identical geology, having been part of the same ancient continent billions of years ago.

Issued a buy signal … five years ago.

“In eleven years of running 321gold, I have never come across a company that had the potential of Novo Resources. If you subtract the cash and value today of the shares and warrants the company owns, you are getting 700 square miles of a Wits model deposit for about $5 million. It doesn’t get any better than that. It is easily a ten-bagger. It could be a 100-bagger. It’s going to be big. What’s the value of 700 square miles of the Wits?”

Sam (EW) on Gold

After a bit of firm nudging from yours truly in recent days thanks in part to Ranchida’s two posts — which came on top of several other notes of warning in early Sept that we were unlikely to be in C up yet — here’s Sam’s update from last night.

I have a s/t bounce for the sector coming sometime this next week …. could be a bit more substantial than the retrace shown here.

PS – the stub D wave in the triangle does look suspect to me … but the pattern should clear up by that time as C down unfolds.

BTC the Fraud

I posted some remarks a few days back on one thread with a theme expressing hope that cryptos would break the fiat strangehold.
I am sympathetic to that cause, but don’t see bitcoin itself as the answer. Here’s one reason why (ZH)

Dario (Mars Capital) on gold [EW]

Dario showing a bullish count, as well as a “less bearish” count that lines up with my MINIMUM view that we drop into end of year.
I sided with Ranchida yesterday after he posted a “more bearish” count.
Dario also posted some local counts showing that further lows were needed to indicate a trend change.
I think we get those.