GDX 30 Perspective…

Bullish ascending wedge?

Same for Gold & Silver: Coiled Springs…






H&S top playing out on the 30 minute chart. Note the RSI and MACD divergences. If the neckline breaks I suspect we will be down at 2120 rather quickly.


Well, I’ve added another line of potential support for GDXJ because of yesterday’s price reversal.


Some will say yesterday’s reversal was simply a back-test of the breakdown that occurred on Tues, and that’s certainly valid analysis, but then that can also be applied to the $HUI as well…


And inspired by Graddhy’s ABX chart, I went back and took another look at GDXJ and have come to believe that perhaps $38 is not necessarily an inevitability after all, as GDXJ also appears to be consolidating just above it’s own massive (green) neckline…







Larger picture is an IHS…
Use UCO if desired since it’s not an ETN…
Tommy, this UVXY 15 min chart might be of interest to you…
Look at the trend line established Sept 13th with SVXY; except for the occassional UVXY “pop”…
SVXY has been “the trend”…

Altius Minerals

Not a gold miner but looks like its breaking out above a long term resistance line.


Miners ratio charts

As you may have noticed, I like ratio charts as one of many very good tools for trying to figuring out relative strength, trend and/or direction, especially at inflection points.

The ratio charts below makes it pretty clear that the majors (HUI) are going to underperform the small caps (GDXJ) and especially the micro caps (CDNX), going forward. And all charts have a thin zone coming up so my guess is that small caps and especially micro caps will fly.
One other possibility with the ratio charts is of course that CDNX and GDXJ could also be falling less than HUI in the near term but that alternative I find highly unlikely at this very point.

I do not think we would have charts that show small and micro caps being strongest if PM was about to take a dive right now. The CDNX is brutally strong at this point looking at its separate chart if one compares it to the majors (not shown here).

The fact that the CDNX is this strong now is just another sign of coming broad commodity inflation as I see it since it contains companies that deals in many different commodities.


Put this together on the 27th. Spot the yellow cell. Some are of course ETFs.

We also have a number of majors looking like they are BT and not about to drop to the floor, as I see it, e.g.:

So, in sum, I think the place to be right now going forward is the small and micro cap. And most of the majors are not looking as bad as e.g. HUI and GDX can have one believe if one looks at the individual companies as I see it.

Also, I do really believe that GOLD will not go lower for the rest of this bull market than it did on the 16th of Sept at circa 1310. That was the apex hit that I had been looking for and posting about:

I think EFR.TO is ripe

After its not that well timed financing announcement I think it is bottoming out here now. At least the r/r is real nice right here.


My last post on uranium miners:

GSS looking good



GSS built out a massive head and shoulders bottom. It broke out then had a hard retest. It is attempting to breakout again. This could nearly double on the next leg higher.

SPX Hourly


Bear flag vs upsloping H&S pattern still playing out. Parallel lines are providing appropriate resistance levels at this time.

GDX 15 Update…

Hit resistance at 50 percent fib and diagonal trend line…
TRIX with plenty of upside potential…
13/34 bull cross…
Futures presently at 26.70 at the 61% fib…
So, this could be a small drop and pop this am…
The bulls want to see the stoch 144 breach 50
0957 so far so good with drop and pop
Well, we know the rest of the story…


PM Sector Bullish BO Patterns on Ratio indicators??

There are three indicators to follow for bullish signal: Note bull horn on XAU to Gold ratio???

silver-to-gold-daily-line xgd-to-gold-weekly-diamond xau-to-gold-weekly

BPGDM PM sector Turn???


Armstrong on Saudi

You all know how I feel about Armstrong’s TA….

BUT…this is some FA which “sounds” interesting

Saudia Arabia to Sell All US Assets as Congress Overrides Obama Veto

I know I know its Not TA but once in a while ….you know….we gotta look at some real world trends too

Anybody think this is valid analysis?

Pass The Popcorn

The GDXJ chart has some beauty Chartology going on here


Yesterday closed at support . Today breaks support then reverses and closes above.= BULLISH

Fickle Fully at your service

Yesterday I was Bearish…Today I am Bullish.

I think we test the top line again. IF that can be bested…Full Bull Fully here



Looks ready to break out of wedge…

SGG Update

This chart is for DadDoc and anyone else who followed me in this trade.

I’ve been in this trade for months and took profits at $53.30

A bit early perhaps but you never go broke taking profits.

It was a sweet one for me… 😉


Quick Video Update on Gold Stocks…

$Silver – Elliott Wave Count

Is Silver about to embark on a impulsive rally that will likely take it beyond it’s July high of $21.23?

Gabe – the following wave count is offered for your consideration, along with other EWP practitioners.    I appreciate your charts and highly respect your work.  I’ve seen other similar wave counts as yours posted here, and expect you can correct me if I am way off.

My count differs from yours, wherein you propose that primary wave 1 (P1) has been completed, and now Silver is presently in the process of searching for a bottom to complete primary wave 2 (P2).

I’m contending that P1 has yet to be completed, and instead Silver is presently completing a 4th sub-wave within a larger scale 5-wave pattern, and is therefore about to breakout higher on it’s way to eventually completing P1.

For neophytes reading in, it’s important to understand that EWP provides “rules” for wave counting which cannot be broken, and “guidelines” that offer tendencies with exceptions.  The rules for a wave 2 and wave 4 correction are quite different, and therefore will have important impact on future price projections.

For example, wave 2’s typically retrace 50-61.8% of wave 1, but can retrace all of wave 1 (guidelines), as long as it doesn’t move beyond the start of wave 1 (rule).  In the case of Silver, that would potentially mean all the way down to $13.62!

Wave 4’s typically retrace 38.2-50% of preceding wave 3 (guideline) but cannot move beyond the end of wave 1 (rule).

Therefore, it’s important to know if you are in a wave 2 or wave 4, as the potential downside is much greater for wave 2, and more restrictive for wave 4.

With all of that said, here is my case for the following wave count.  Gabe – your wave count is provided in red numerals for comparison purposes.



Viewing this Rally as a Backtest


The Yellen Factor

In front of House Panel now

RIC our leader is bouncing off the 50 SMA…




Massive Head and Shoulders bottom here with a bull flag retest of the breakout.



I don’t like what I am seeing here. This might have been a false breakout.




Bull flag breakout continues on the weekly chart. Look at that breakaway gap on the daily!

Surf City if you have any targets I am all ears…

Eguana Technologies

My chart shows a potential breakout with a price channel. Up 11% today on volume that has already exceeded the normal daily level… (7x normal so far)

Eguana provides what may be the best integrated AC Battery energy storage solutions for Solar Power generation.


BEAR Flag…



TRIX is on a sell; however, the STOCH is faster thus more helpful in this fast moving market…
SILJ with a series of descending bullish wedges…
Of course, if this neckline zone is breached; all bets are off, and the trek continues lower…
Just speculation chart…an option I am monitoring
Also, silver tends to lead; thus, the silver junior miners tend to lead…
Also, thanks Fully for bringing this ETF to my attention…enough volatility to make a buck WITHOUT all that miserable decay…




H&S pattern on the 30 minute chart may play out.

On the daily is the big trendline that may break. If it does I expect a drop to the thin straight support line or so. 2040-2060. Incidentally 2060 is about the 200DMA.

Bonus chart:

Sure looks like a bear flag to me….

UVXY 120

little “W” pattern