Why is this silver development play trying to break out when most silver miners are down in the cellar?
There is likely little more news to come on the exploration front for a long time. Available funds will now be spent developing the mine.
Usually stocks at this stage are expected to lag until they near production, and yet…

The answer is ZINC. AZ.TO is a ZINC/SILVER play, and world zinc stocks are low right now. Zinc prices are rising.
For more fun with zinc check out:



Weekly Look Shows a bit more urgency

BIDU Weekly

A Plunger Pick

breaking out .

Even EW ers have to like the look of this


See 15-min, 120-min, Monthly.

The Monthly-chart shows some SERIOUS MULTIPLE POTENTIAL.

Did you Sell the news ?

GDXJ – Daily

a possible bullish scenario…

GBTC – my take

Not completely impossible to spot if we had really looked.

I bought in back in 2012 and the large exchange I used went bankrupt so I was not looking. I still get emails from the lawyers in Chinese…

NUGT 15…

Just a possibility…
Still waiting for 60 minute to show direction…



I was reading Rambus’ post last night and the chart with the old neckline stood out because I have had 92 on my radar for a while because of the Wolfe wave, looks like a great point for a turn.