No significant change in the Oct 11, 11:01 chart with this action today. Upper resistance holding.

Interesting read on etf’s

Makes me think the entire sector has been turned into an etf, constantly being ground lower and lower.xau is trading at 300$ gold levels.

From TT


HUI Weekly

Pretty Obvious where we are going


Maybe we will have a Black Monday in all SMs and we get this over with already

Gotta be a Bounce at HUI 150 Right ??

Unfortunately this would really screw the Canadians we are closed Monday

Breakout or Fakeout?

HUI 10:10:14

Is it a breakout being backtested or a fakeout about to motor south? Methinks, fakeout. but wthfk?

Wow…this week the markets were Looney Tunes

BUT IN THE END ( WATCH TILL THE END !) postes here at Goldtent Today…here’s one…and its a doozy


thats all

Trader Dan

Goldbugs Hate Him

Precious Metals Market Watchers Love Him


King Dollar has not been Dethroned Just Yet

Trying to get a read on these markets during the times that the Fed is either announcing policy changes or releasing minutes can be incredibly difficult. The sheer ferocity of the moves in price can confound even the most astute and dedicated chart watchers.

It would appear at this point ( don’t hold your breath however as who knows what will happen in the next hour much less the next day in these markets anymore) that the Dollar found eager buyers at the key breakout level near 85.00 on the USDX chart.

Note that the Dollar fell back to that former resistance level which is now serving as downside support and that support did hold. That it did so, in spite of the Fed’s concerns over its strength, is rather telling. It shows that the fundamentals supporting the Dollar are just too strong right now, Fed protestations notwithstanding.

it all comes back down to interest rate differentials. Traders are of the view that economic data releases that are forthcoming are going to show continued improvement ( albeit gradual) and that compared to other major currency regions, that strength is noteworthy.

Look at the Euro for Pete’s sake – it is down over 55 points as I type this with forex guys wasting no time in selling into its rally.

When it comes to gold – just like yesterday when we had to give respect to the big rally in the mining shares, so today we must give respect to the fact that the miners are sinking once more. The HUI is off over 4% with the junior-laden GDXJ getting pummeled once more as it is off more than 5.5% as I type up these comments.
Also, as one of our regular posters noted ( we are all watching that now) the big gold ETF, GLD, actually LOST gold yesterday – almost 5.5 tons to be precise. Apparently those in that vehicle used the big rally yesterday to get out. The ETF is now down 36.14 tons since the beginning of the year. For those who are bullish on gold, that is not an encouraging sign. One wants to see the reported holdings climbing on rallies, not shrinking.

I am noticing that silver is having trouble holding its gains above the key chart resistance level near $17.50. It managed to push past that level earlier in the session ( failing to make it as far as more formidable overhead resistance near $18.00) but has since fallen back. Copper is continuing to hold above $3.00 which is helping silver but with the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index continuing to swoon, one has to be skeptical about the extent of any upward moves in these metals continuing much further.

The bulls will have to prove their mettle ( a little play on words here).

Here is the most recent GSCI.

The index is one point above a 27 month low. If it drops more than a point, it will be at levels last seen FOUR YEARS ago!

Crude oil and the products continue to weaken – I noted that yesterday this sector failed to respond to the big sell off in the Dollar – that was a sign that the fundamentals are just too poor which makes me even more concerned about deflationary pressures. Crude has dropped $22.50 / barrel in 3 1/2 months time. That is why I keep telling those who are stuck on inflation that they need to check their ideology at the door and look at the chart. It is going down, not up.

Personally, as a consumer, I LOVE it.

Depending on the outcome of the USDA report tomorrow, we might just get a break of that 27 month low level. Heck, if crude keeps falling today it might do that today! (NOTE – Before I could finish typing this post the GSCI just fell BELOW that 27 month low – it hit a FRESH FOUR YEAR LOW TODAY).

Again, at the risk of beating a dead horse, this is the reason that I remain skeptical about any SUSTAINED moves higher in both gold and silver. What we witnessed on Monday of this week and yesterday were what happens when the Dollar weakens. My viewpoint is that the Dollar has been and will remain the key for many of our commodity markets.

The sheer magnitude of these leveraged carry trades overwhelms anything fundamentally driven for a time but if the general trend is one of lower commodity prices due to slowing global growth, it is hard to see how a few words from the Fed can significantly alter that trend WITHOUT some sort of action. Remember – Central Bankers are very good at moving their currencies by talking them down or talking them up, but IF the movement is AGAINST the primary trend, which is driven by fundamentals, the countertrend move will not have any staying power. It takes a shift in the fundamentals and that means a shift in policies.


looked at this yesterday and thought it might break out.


ssec at highs of the week crb backtesting dt bo on the weekly etc

who knows but could it be commods leading into a real market top in the late spring?

ssec is the anomaly right now, watch it for clues I think? the one incidentally all thought would fall apart first?



I believe these violent swings up-and-down points to a schizophrenic, unreal economy fuelled by trash paper money from the spoiled baby Fed. Trying to trade it is like trying to love a mad person. Good luck.

Grin…re GDX volume

This is from Bikko at the Chartology Forum

as you say fwiw



Backtest complete (in one day!)


Gold wkly

looks pretty emcouraging, largest volume I know of on the indexes and etf’s fwiw and the biggest white candle I have seen in yrs

who knows?


114m in gdx is quite something


GDX daily

Trader Dan

FOMC Minutes Chasing Gold Bears out

Take a look at the 30 minute chart of gold. Note the huge volume spike coming on the heels of the FOMC minutes.

It is quite evident that the Fed is chasing the gold bears out of the gold market. I have maintained for some time now and am on record as stating that I believed and still believe that the Fed might actually come around to the point where they would welcome a higher gold price. Not a soaring gold price mind you, but one that is firmer.

Why is that? Simple – because the Fed, and this Fed in particular, is terrified of deflation. They really do believe that they can control inflation but that they are powerless to stop deflation. Their weapon of choice to fight deflation has been QE but that has not worked or perhaps a bit more kindly, has proven to have been ineffective at generating an inflation rate of 2% or more.

This is why I have continued to take exception to those who see every single move lower in the gold price as part of a sinister plan on the part of the monetary authorities to discredit it. Let’s just ask a simple question and think about this:

What would have happened to gold had the Fed said that it was pleased to see the stronger Dollar and not concerned at all about a disinflationary wave moving around the global and threatening to swamp the global economy? Answer – gold would have been obliterated and the Dollar would have soared.

Question? Did the Fed say this? Answer- No, they did not. They said the exact opposite. And what happened? Answer – gold shot higher. Is it not obvious to any open-minded person that if the Fed were currently at war with gold, that they would not clearly understand in advance what a set of minutes such as were released today would do to the gold price? Of course they do. They are not stupid people. They can read price charts and see trends as good as the rest of us technicians.

The facts are that the Fed WANTS INFLATION and right now it cannot seem to get it. A falling gold price threatens to send that signal very clearly. So does a soaring Dollar.

What to do therefore? Why just talk down the Dollar. That is what they are trying to do with this latest release of their minutes. Will it work? I doubt it; mainly because by comparison, even if the Fed is not in a hurry to raise rates, the US economy looks great compared to Eurozone and Japan.

Also, the Fed’s policy stance on interest rates is HEAVILY DATA DEPENDENT. What this means is that as we move forward in time, each successive batch of economic news about the US economy is going to be closely scrutinized to see whether or not it will be of sufficient strength to force the hand of the Fed on the interest rate front.

What happens if we get another jobs report that the market (rightly or wrongly) interprets as very strong? Just remember what happened last Friday to the Dollar when that jobs data hit and came in higher than most in the market were anticipating. The Dollar shot vertical and gold dropped vertical.

The more things change, the more they seem to remain the same, at least as far as these goofy markets are concerned any more. Once again we are right back to where we always seem to end up and that is to watching economic data and playing a guessing game with our illustrious Federal Reserve official of: “Will they or Will they Not” raise interest rates.

Sigh! Is this anyway to run an economy … my oh my has this nation declined.

Here is a chart of the gold market ( short term 30 minute). Note the scare given the gold bears by the Fed. Also note that we have a temporary bottom on this chart near $1205 and a temporary top near and extending from $1220-$1225. Those are the parameters that we are now dealing with as traders.

Upside breach of the resistance sets up gold for a pop towards $1240. Downside breach sets it up for a test of $1200 and then lower once more. Buyers have clearly been at work today near $1205 but sellers appear to be trying to make a stand near $1220.

Short term indicators are positive.

Also, the huge rally in the gold shares CANNOT be ignored. Gold bears be careful right now.


Did you guys just see that spike in NUGT?

Matrix – Yen

The Yen began to rally in early October.  The stock market had begun to turn down before that.  So to my mind the Yen is following and this makes sense if as the stock market longs began to sell they also were unwinding some Yen carry trade.  This makes the Yen a follower though not a leader.  As far as gold is concerned it is a question of whether the carry trade was used to short gold or whether when the longs sold they also closed gold shorts as a part of that trade.

I feel from looking particularly at the a/d chart and some ma’s that it is too soon to write the stock market off and consequently to write off the carry trade.

Just continuing our Yen discussion.


nyse vol osc

This is a spreadsheet chart that calculates the difference between 2 ema moving averages of nyse volume creating an oscillator.  I have posted it when it first broke the neutral gold line on the downside – which I said is a warning.  Then when it rose above but did not reach anywhere near the red line I posted the chart with a failure interpretation.  When we reached the oversold green line which did offer some support I posted we would get a bounce but it would fail – I was wrong there as it failed quickly and was the not the bounce I anticipated.  The oscillator became even more oversold which is a huge negative indication.  We should have a more significant bounce but still we haven’t been this low in the oscillator for a long time.


Vol Osc



Riddle me this

Why does shanghai stock exchange now have a positive corelation with usd? nearly 100% the past few months.Not so in the last decade or more.


I believe today was an outside reversal day.

Trade update…JNUG


Precious Metals Stocks

Phase III – Apocalypse Now

Part II

In part I, Phase III-Dead Ahead, we established the macro case for the final phase of the gold stock bear market. As the bear market progresses the economies key constraint remains the level of debt, specifically the size and composition of the national balance sheet which has baked in the cake a deflationary outcome. It is this wave of deflation that will drive the final phase of this bear market to unimagined lows. The good news, however is when it’s finally over the precious metals will transition into the next bull market. We will examine this process and the sign posts along the way as we complete phase III of the bear market and transition into the beginning of the next bull market in the precious metals.

Bear Market review

This precious metals bear market is following the classic bear market sequence. After breaking down out of its phase I top it entered into a long protracted decline. This decline, over time, established doubt that we were simply in a pull back in an ongoing bull market. This phase II price erosion lasting 17 months, diminished investors conviction sufficiently so to make them ripe for a psychological change. This change event was triggered with the April 2013 Goldman bear raid of the gold market. This raid collectively triggered the point of recognition (POR) among investors that the precious metals sector was in a bear market. It took 20 months from the Sept 2011 top to reach this point. Prior to this point the prevailing belief was we were still in a bull market. The PM market then underwent dual crashes in April and June 2013 which was the process of pricing in the recent shift in investor psychology. Since this period the market has taken 16 months to consolidate these crashes by undergoing a complex diamond consolidation pattern all within the context of phase II. It now appears this process is complete and is now entering into the final phase III of the bear market. This is the classic pattern of a bear market as I outlined in a previous essay:

Bear Market Phases

Three Phases of a bear market


Phase III-The trap door swings open

The 16 month phase II midpoint consolidation is now over and phase III has now begun. The final phase of the bear market was initiated on August 14 2014 with a downward impulse in the price action. This move will be confirmed when it violates last December’s HUI low of 189. When gold closes below the previous low of 1185 there will no longer be any denying that this bear is still ongoing. Previous hopes that we have been in a nascent rally in a new bull market will disappear like a desert mirage. That’s when the trap door flies open. Gold bugs who have endured three years of pain clinging to their newsletter writers confident assurances will finally lose grip. All but the most delusional will be forced to confront the bald faced reality that these prophets calling bottoms for the past three years are delusional themselves. After the market’s 80% plus declines and advisors making serial bottom calls, followed by predictions of quick new highs, the faithful will finally start waking up. Yes, sometimes it does require a 2X4 to the side of the head. Recalling the quote of Charles Mackay in his book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” Many will come to see their own behavior after a 10 year bull market in gold which ended in 2011 in a similar light. After 10 years of extraordinary gains many took leave of their senses and could no longer see the economic realities which had brought an end to this exceptional bull market. Soon as the gold bear market continues lower it will be seen as a bottomless pit and many will finally give up and lose the faith, while others will undergo forced liquidation. It would be timely to review the description of the psychological state of affairs of phase III which I described in Phase III- the annihilation under the section called “The Horror”. Let’s just say its about to get ugly.

Phase III Annihilation-The Horror

The Purging

In Phase III, bear market rallies fueled by hope are now a thing of the past, instead we will have vertical short covering rallies that quickly flame out. Phase III is no longer about hope it is now about survival. In a word, it is now serious, as rallies will be used as a means to secure liquidity. The purging will be so relentless that the belief in the ultimate safety of gold will be converted to skepticism among many. It is precisely this doubtful state of mind that will nag the first phase of the next bull market once it begins. The collapse in stock prices will finally clear the market as rock bottom prices will allow corporate acquisitions and restructurings. Uneconomic projects or “malinvestments” will be jettisoned, low grade, high altitude orebodies in far off, forsaken countries written off for good. Balance sheets will be de-levered, bad debts written off. This purging of the excesses of the past 10 years will lay the foundation for the upcoming bull market in precious metals. Here are some selected price objectives during phase III:

sc-721 sc-727 sc-728sc-723

The Gold Bug- Providing raw fuel for Phase III.

For metal stocks to drop another 20-50% from their current depressed levels there would have to be a renewed supply of “motivated sellers”. After the purging we have already seen to date, it would be fair to ask, are there any more sellers left? Could there still be enough sellers willing to provide the supply needed at much lower prices? With sentiment already this low hasn’t everyone who wants out, exited already? Well, the gold and silver market has been holding in reserve a special class of long term investors who can be called upon to dump their shares at the most inappropriate moment. In a final liquidity seeking event many will find the need to rid themselves of shares they swore to keep through thick and thin. Enter the goldbug-the raw fuel for a phase III.

Lloyd the goldbug- Raw fuel personified

Let me tell an anecdotal story of Lloyd, the gold bug. This summer while attending a mining investment conference I went on a mine visit. Lloyd, an attendee on our tour, was the quintessential goldbug. He was a friendly fellow who didn’t hesitate to tell me his opinion of the state of the world and its markets. Throughout the day I prodded Lloyd with questions and just let him talk, by the end of the day I had certainly gotten an earful. He covered the gambit of topics from FED money printing to market manipulation. Lloyd was quite certain he knew how this was all going to work out in a grand hyper-inflationary blow off which would carry gold and gold stocks to extraordinary levels. When I asked him how much lower metal stocks could go he assured me of two things. “Not much lower and I can guarantee you that once they bottom the price will rocket straight up to record highs.” It didn’t take me long to realize that three years into a bear market Lloyd was still “all in”. Lloyd was in his mid-60’s and just entering retirement. At some point during the afternoon he asked me if I would be interested in buying his undeveloped lot at Doug Casey’s Cafayate retreat. It became obvious to me that Lloyd was already “seeking liquidity” as I realized this was the kind of guy who is going to throw in the towel and sell whatever was liquid when phase III comes along. He was already nearing the end of his rope and he was the classic candidate that I described in my essay Phase III- Annihilation in the Precious metals markets where I stated: “Phase III is not about hope it is about liquidation…Long term holders are forced to act in a bid to salvage what they have, unable to risk further declines and possibly end up retiring in poverty, the pain becomes too great, thus the selling orgy commences”. So could there possibly be any sellers left to power phase III lower?…yes unfortunately there are.

Step Sum update

The step sum is a sentiment indicator which simply tracks a cumulative number of up vs. down days. The step sum typically lags the price action in phase I of a bull market and phase III of a bear market. This is because investor psychology is normally slow to acknowledge the market trend in these two phases. Once they do collectively recognize the trend however, the step sum has a final and rapid movement to meet price. This is a form of capitulation in both bull and bear markets. In the 20 year gold bear market which began in 1980 the step sum stubbornly resisted golds decline for 17 years. Once the bear entered phase III however, the step sum began its collapse reflecting this psychology of capitulation. By the time gold finally bottomed the step sum had caught up to the price of gold and they bottomed together.

Step Sum Lundeen !

Today we see the step sum has not yet begun its decent. Historical precedent indicates the bear will not be over until the step sum collapses towards its price. That would require the loss of greater than 100 points which normally requires a protracted decline of extended duration.

Step Sum Screen shot

Road markers to the Bang Point

The bear market in precious metals is a function of the debt which is driving deflation. The inflationary winds are no longer filling the sails of gold and silver. The rules of the 1970’s no longer apply as we have passed the inflection point where more debt and spending will drive inflation. The transition year appears to have been 2011 as it marked a change in the relationship between the USD and other asset classes. Just as when William P. Hamilton penned his article in the WSJ on October 25 1929 titled “A Turn of the Tide” which declared the beginning of the bear market of the great depression, today’s shift in trend between the USD and the metals in 2011 was our modern equivalent. This transition signaled the emergence of deflation and the beginning of the bear market in gold and silver yet very few recognized it for what it was. Let’s now look at some road markers that have already passed and others yet to come on our path towards the bang point, which is the point the government can no longer roll over its debt.

Dominoes falling in sequence- The top out parade

The main driver of the gold bull market was the fear of central bank money printing and the resultant risk of hyperinflation. Since 2011 however, this inflation scenario has failed to materialize thus removing the main thrust behind gold and silver’s rise. Silver topped and the USD bottomed the same week in April 2011, few made the connection that this was announcing the emergence of deflation. Gold went on to top later that September. The year 2011 was in fact a top out parade of assets that normally perform well in an inflationary environment. We saw Copper, Emerging markets, commodities, and the king of commodities, crude oil top out in that year. Since 2011 this trend has remained intact and recently began accelerating, despite all the money printing by the FED and central banks. Clearly, with the FED’s stated objective to produce inflation this trend indicates something else is afoot. The inflationary winds have now shifted and instead of filling gold and silvers sails they are now providing a stiff headwind. These winds are now set to propel gold stocks into a downward impulse while the breakout of the USD indicates the triumph of deflation.

sc-725 sc-726

To recognize the markers ahead which lead to the bang point in this debt cycle let’s first examine previous cycles. In 1928 the Fed began the process of pricking the speculative bubble which they fueled throughout the decade. In Feb 1928 the discount rate stood at 3.5% and they began to raise it until reaching 6.0% in Aug 1929. As the economy then faltered the market soon crashed in October 1929. This crash was a recognition that the world was being forced into a deflationary era where credit levels were no longer sustainable. For the next year, as the stock market declined and deflation took hold both corporate and treasury bonds rallied as their yields declined reflecting a slowing economy. In Sept 1930 however, corporate yields started to rise despite deflation becoming more entrenched. Rates rose due to concerns over the solvency of the corporations underwriting those bonds. Government treasuries however, continued their rally for another year, until the banking crisis of May 1931 triggered by the failure of the Credit Anstalt bank in Austria. This seminal event converted the economic contraction into the great depression we call it today. At this point, even US Treasury yields began to rise due to solvency concerns. Long-term treasury yields rose 35% over the next 10 months peaking during the banking crisis of 1932 (see chart). The price of gold was then increased by 70% to counter deflation and the bull market in gold stocks was well on its way being fueled by both a higher gold price and lower input costs.

Corp Bonds Screen Shot US Govt Bonds 1932 Screen Shot

The impact of these events can be seen in the performance of Homestake mining, a good proxy for the producing miners. The stock price of Homestake declined about 20% in the fall 29 crash, but then stabilized and began a slow ascent over the next 17 months while the Dow entered its long bear market. When corporate bond yields started to rise in Sept 1930 reflecting credit stress, Homestake started its rise. Over the next 9 months the stock rose 30% as the Dow fell. The stock then took a hit along with the rest of the market during the banking crisis in the summer of 1931. As government treasury bond yields began rising due to solvency concerns Homestake stock began its surge. This was the classic case of gold stocks performing well in a post bubble contraction where input cost decline while gold becomes a safe haven. Government debt was no longer considered the premier safety asset and gold was performing its time honored role as a currency with no counter party risk. It had become a magnet for liquidity and was acting as a sound currency and safe haven. This was the path which led to the gold stock bull market of the 1930s and could be a guide to what lies ahead for us today

Dow vs Homestake 1930'sHomestake expanded

Silver & Gold the ultimate canaries

Both silver and gold have been the first assets to sniff out the deflationary turn of the tide. In effect they have been the canary in the economies coal mine, a sort of first responders indicator. Since silver no longer retains its monetary element and is chiefly an industrial metal, it makes sense it peaked 5 months before gold. As we progress towards the bang point I suspect gold particularly will respond by bottoming and begin its advance. That will be the beginning of the next bull market in the precious metals.

In the next and final segment-part 3 we will examine a portfolio to navigate the upcoming market minefield. How do we survive the phase III annihilation and successfully transition to the next bull market. How long will it take? What assets should we own? The ideas will surprise you and are based on sound historical precedence. You should ask yourself has your market guru been advising you to buy all the way down from the highs of 2011? If so, don’t you think its time to re examine your premise ?

(Associate Writer and Market Historian for Rambus Chartology)

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GDX Trading Chart…

Daily Yen



The teal and the purple FIB projections are exactly the same size. The downward sloping wedge 18 months in the making could be one of Sir Rambus’  half way patterns. If so, the Price Objective is 75 ish at the bottom of the large blue rectangle.  The YEN has already broken down from the blue down sloping wedge. Back test now?


Left to Right

Grin Washer and Eagle

3 stooges

whadya mean you bought JNUG ?

GDX Hitting Resistance…

GDX daily

Positive Divergence is building in very oversold conditions…However, we all know these can quickly be wiped out.