uranium breakout



LTBR   new fuel cell technology for reactors    9.7 million share float.


Here is a different look at the USD, from Kimble Charting.  I hadn’t seen this resistance line before.

Also, a weekly GDXJ/GDX, for good measure:


Palladin Energy…Finally opened up today …Stock price down by 1/2

Bummer…I got stuck with a little of this thing and couldn’t sell when I sold my other Uraniums.


Sometimes it pays to do DD instead of just chart watching

US Dollar Cycles ? Surf City is THE Place IMO


Surf Knows Cycles

What’s Goin On here ?

The US Dollar is breaking down….Kudos to Graddhy for his persistent hard work and charts.

So why isn’t HUI et al going nucken futz ?

Maybe its this ?

UUP ( Dollar Index ETF)

Has HUI Morphed ?

Right AT the Apex….Come on Baby HUI Potty Time !


Hi everyone,

I wanted to share some of the accounts I follow on twitter.  I get most if not all of my news from twitter, and I also find the below accounts to be both insightful and entertaining.

  1.  Bamabroker:  This guy has been disturbingly accurate over the past year.  Most notably, called the bottom in December, the bottom in March, the top in April and the bottom two weeks ago (tentative).  Most notably, he produces a Sunday report, which consists of a thread of “tweets and replies”, starting Sunday am each week.  Be sure to use the ‘tweets and replies’ tab rather than the tweet tab. I suggest going to this tab, scrolling down to his first tweet on Sunday AM, then scrolling up.  http://www.twitter.com/Bamabroker
  2. David Larew: http://www.twitter.com/thinktankcharts
  3. Kimble Charting: https://twitter.com/KimbleCharting
  4. Moniology:  www.twitter.com/moniology
  5. V Trades: www.twitter.com/Vtradez
  6. Silk Dynasty STX: www.twitter.com/silkdynastystx
  7. Luis D. Garcia: www.twitter.com/EconomicAlpha
  8.  David Brady: www.twitter.com/GlobalProTrader
  9. Viking Analytics: www.twitter.com/VikingKing6
  10. Edward Gofsky: www.twitter.com/EdwardGofsky
  11. PMS Investor: www.twitter.com/PMSInvestor

For any twitter users, I hope you enjoy these accounts as much as I do.



Gold, Gold Stocks V S&P 500

I came across this chart as part of the article in the link below.  Looks good for Gold and Gold Stocks to me at some point in the next few years. The article compares other periods as well. What it does not account for is the volatility of gold stocks and the better performance if profits are banked on the way up.


The question I suppose I would ask is, looking at the graph below do you want to invest in the SM or in PM’s going forward? I know timing is an issue, but taking a 3-5 year view?

$USD – Enemy at the Gates

We are now right at my support line for my smaller daily/5h expanding wedge, which is sitting right below my blue daily h&s neckline. And this means that price is also right at my purple h&s neckline. Let´s see if we gap the purple just as it did with the blue.

Dollar Index Cracking ?

Sure looks like it.

Weekly Chart on the verge.

I am no cycles pro but is there a May Dollar Cycle ?

Uranium – update

It looks to me like we should be turning here now. I am pretty certain that we will have another weekly close above my vital thin trend line this week. And there is really no more room within the falling wedge so time is up for this correction, the very first within uranium´s new bull market. And as I see it, the baby bull move probably ends when we are above the now resistance line of my massive monthly falling wedge. It could also go on until we are above the large blue triangle though.

The big picture for uranium: