For EagleSeagle – UVXY III – UBS Warns of Record Spikes In $VIX if Aug’15 $SPX Low Taken Out

If you have the time I think you’ll find it worthwhile to read this article. It’s just a possibility

but a possibility nevertheless:

Golden Gems and Trends

Graddhy, Spock, Cashcosts, Fully – your specific recommendations are golden gifts. Thank you!

What makes this rookie hesitant is the major trend implications. As Spock said “… in a meltdown though…everything gets thrown out.”

And aren’t Rambus, Trader Dan, and others here sensing a major breakdown in the PMs and commodities? If that is the case, are we better off (ie. safer) waiting for that to possibly transpire before taking positions in these golden gems (RIC, Torex, TGM etc.)?

Or maybe I’m misreading things (Wouldn’t be the first time!)

New JNK Weekly Unbalanced, Slanted H&S Pattern Price Target ~ $31.75

Hopefully got it right this time:


I am thankful Lord for everything that You allow to cross my path. Thankful for the decisions that You allow me to make and the lessons that come from these decisions.

$NYA Now Breaking Through The SMA 50 On The Monthly

Hasn’t done this since 2011:


Adding more to RIC… the US listing looks a bit different and that is what I posted the other day. Here the Canadian listing is clearly backtesting today.



Here is the US listing as of yesterday morning


$COMPQ Weekly Strongly Slanted H&S Pattern Price Target ~ 4290

Again, one of the leaders out of the 2009 bottom so you would expect it to be one of the last to break:


what else can you want? this is bargain country. they are giving it away!

Torex is a well-funded, growth-oriented, Canadian-based resource company engaged in the exploration and development of its 100% owned Morelos Gold Property, an area of 29,000 hectares in the highly prospective Guerrero Gold Belt located 180 kilometres southwest of Mexico City. Within this property, Torex has two assets: the El Limon-Guajes Mine (ELG), currently under construction, and the Media Luna Project, at an advanced stage of exploration.

ELG is in its final stages of construction with first gold expected in December of 2015. This high grade, open pit gold deposit has current measured and indicated resources of 4.77 million ounces of gold at a grade of 2.95 g/t plus 530,000 ounces of gold at a grade of 2.15 g/t in the inferred category. Once in full production, this mine will be amongst the largest and lowest cost gold mines in the world with expected LOM average annual production of 369,000 ounces of gold at a LOM AISC of US$637/oz. It will be a mine we will be proud to run.

The Media Luna deposit, hosted in a magnetic anomaly south of the Balsas River, was discovered in March of 2012 and has current inferred resources of 7.4 million gold equivalent ounces at a grade of 4.48 g/t. This resource is contained in less than 30% of the area of the targeted magnetic anomalies. The conceptual design contained in a positive PEA announced in July of 2015 envisions an underground operation with expected average annual production of 313,000 ounces of gold

$NDX Weekly Strongly Slanted H&S Pattern Price Target ~ 3870

Been one of the leaders out of the 2009 bottom so you would expect it to break down last:

$NDX W1  $NDX W 2  $NDX M  $NDX Q

HYG & JNK Daily Charts On The Verge of Confirming The ST SM Bear Case

Daily MACD’s on the verge of triggering down again. New H&S weekly target for HYG is approximately 75 not 78:


UVXY bouncing off “5th Layer” as mentioned earlier…


Torex Gold

transitioning to stage 2 bull…or a bull trap?

the numbers are compelling.

in a meltdown though…everything gets thrown out.

take the long pill IMHO.


Small Caps Entering Bear Market

RUT Recession

If the Russell 2000 index closes below 1036.64 today, it will be down over 20% from its high in June 2015 and officially be in a bear market.

Great time to be raising interest rates, eh?

Importance of a good management

Bob is a geologist and knows this exploration industry well.
Yet he was taken for a ride and he is angry.

Iamgold finishes off Sanatana

In the latest and perhaps final chapter in the saga, it seems Stephen Letwin couldn’t steal the property legally so he’s trying to steal the property by bankrupting Sanatana.

Sanatana is giving away the project at cents on the dollar. The only consideration of management is paying off the $1.3 million in bills still unpaid. In reality they are trying to sell the project for just enough money to pay off the current bills. $2 million is cash and the remaining $3 million is confetti that may or may not exist down the road someday.

I get really upset because over the last 15 years I’ve been lied to so many times I can’t count. Sanatana management didn’t exactly lie to me, they just didn’t tell me what I needed to know so I could fill in my readers with what they need to know to make reasonable investment decisions. They lied by omission. I needed to know a year ago that they were running out of money just keeping the doors open. This stock was the perfect call on the price of gold. All management had to do was keep the doors open.


O’Brien behind this baby….good track record…company maker.

project IRR 46%. where can you get that?


Swan Dive into the Abyss ??

Over at Pretzel’s forum .. Matador posted this duesy …
Site is NOT recommended for those allergic to EW, but this chart isn’t one of those.
Text boxes tell the tale.


BUT … on an EW note … I have SPX in a 4, setting up for new lows and probable formal test of 1867.
Perhaps then we get the launch to the mid bolly that Matador expects.
And since his chart features monthly bars … expect that process to take a few weeks.

SPX HA Chart with Black Candle can denote trend change…

I do not put much faith in a “huge” bounce; but as traders it’s a “potential” setup…

Exxon doing a grand BT now => one more sign that “Everything bear oil/comm” is on track


Everything bear oil/comm – BT time

As I wrote maybe two days ago, I think we will get a BT here in the coming days. Although, WTI looks very, very weak so who knows if we even get a BT.
EEM BT coming upFXI BT soonXLE BT soon

Naturalgas seems to be ahead of them above. Although, I do not really know if we should use UNG or $NATGAS as the underlying for DGAZ/UGAZ.
UNG rätt neckline

And speaking about how WTI looks plus not knowing what to use, have a look at the two charts below. How do we know which one is correct..? I see a lot of charts that are different between different chart sites for the same vehicle, but this one really bothers me (a lot) as it is very important now that we know exactly what WTI is doing. Can somebody who has NetDania please check how it looks there..? Other sites..?

As I have suggested now for a while now, I think that this trade case/setup, “Everything bear oil/comm” as I call it, is a massive opportunity. It goes back a number of weeks but I do think the big ride and drop is ahead of us, and I really do think it will start after this upcoming multiple backtest, looking at e.g. the longer term charts I have posted earlier.

So, I suggest that we try to nail this backtest together, with every TA we have in order to load up the truck to some extent at the very BT top. I can smell a very successful trade and a grand impulse move coming up!

Silver Miners ETF

DUST 60…

DUST 15…

Rambus’ Canary In the Coal Mine


Russell Small Cap Index

Long Way Down !

PS these Diamond Patterns are very predictable

Here is One Rambus Spotted back in 2013


And here is How it played out


BIG $s trading DSLV on this one !

The Market is EVIL

What a Pain in the Abs !

There is a HUGE Drop Coming

If one is In a Bear ETF 3Xer at the right MOMENT

One will be Very Very Happy !

I thought today was that moment …BUT NO !!

There is NO Doubt there is a HUGE Drop Coming and soon…but you can lose a LOT of money just sitting in

EDZ and SQQQ and FAZ and the like….as they chop around and decay !

LOOK at the Emerging markets…On the Precipice

I guess if you KNOW what’s coming accumulating and HOLDING EDZ is a good plan…but you gotta be thick skinned to

hold it !



Used to be my Fav Gold Stock…always a leader during the Go Go Decade

Remember That ?


GDX update

GDX is bouncing here at a strong support line but my expectations, based on my cycle uptrend forks is that the Blue support line will give way here.

The Miners are on day 16 of TC2 here (normal timing band for a TC low is 23-29 days but we have seen TC lows as early as 18-20 days.) If you look at my larger Green Fork you will notice that the last uptrend for GDX topped right at the backtest of this fork.

As always, use this as info but follow the charts.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.18.46 AM

PM weakness

This marked weakness in the PM stocks with gold and silver only down a smidge smells of a commodity fund blow up. Going to be interesting. The weakness in the broad markets is telling at this juncture. They should be bouncing here.


Leading the PM Complex to new LOWS


Broad Weeklies H&S Patterns Update




$RUT Weekly Imbalanced Head & Shoulders Pattern Price Target ~ 950

Missed this one before:


$RUT W 2  $RUT M  $RUT Q


HYG Weekly Head & Shoulders Pattern 2 Price Target ~ $75