SPX EOD Update…

Would I be long EOD? NO!

WTIC Traders…

This is my latest chart…


The MACD did not give us the previous symmetry…
Lots of little flags within a larger bull flag?
Wait for the TRIX to cross which smooths out the choppiness and helps to prevent traps…

the great bear market in uranium sector

this must be one of the top 10 bear markets in history. 90% off the highs back in 2011. its still trying to find a base.
what I am looking for is a break and weekly close above that DT rail. Until then stay clear.
Until then its just flopping around in the latter stage of a Weinstein stage 4 bear market.
One day, the Uranium sector will be flying, but its a little early.

In comparison, the Coal mining sector has turned the corner, and now powering ahead. I am long KOL.
Note the recent divergence between the two since the start of this year.



Watching reaction at the moving averages…

SPX Update…


Shout out to Graddhy

Way to go man

You went out on the ledge and predicted this breakout in SMs and PMs yesterday

Great Call

Also to Rambus who has been saying for a long time Tech will lead the way


I am watching the red rail on silver


If price can break out above the red rail, it will be very bullish for Silver…but I have my doubts


Seems to have been delisted ?

Not getting any quotes on the Explorer ETF

Somebody please research this


micro-cap gold opportunity

Now I am moving gradually down the value chain, where much better returns are now on sale (compared to the bloated large caps in the ETFs …sorry to have to say that about Barrick, Goldcorp, etc). Here is an example of a microcap, enterprise value around $US 6 million, of which $US1 million is in cash, no debt.

They recently acquired a gold asset in Burkina Faso, just up the road from where Roxgold is mining, and along strike from the giant Bissa mine, operated by Nordgold. The property had been previously drilled by Roxgold, with some high grade high width hits from surface, but when Roxgold discovered their current mine, they let the concession lapse. Nexus Gold Corp. (TSXV: NXS.V, OTCMKT: NXXGF) picked up the concession a couple of months ago, and are now planning an aggressive drill program, starting after the wet season next month. Some of the holes will be twinned to confirm the Roxgold results, so the grades and widths should be good. Step out drilling is also planned.

Nexus also have a Nevada property, which is drill ready. So fundamentally its a good story. here is the daily chart showing what is potentially possible, once their drilling program gets underway. This is an example of moving down the value chain in a bull market, seeking the best bang for the buck.

The 9 day EMA is at $CAD 0.085 or $USD 0.065, which is an ideal place to enter. The 30 week EMA is rising, so this is a Weinstein Stage 2 bull market in this stock. These rocks are volatile but if one can hang on, it often pays back in spades, in a bull market.


Stock Charts is a Fascinating Place for TA Junkies

Here is GDXJ after yesterday with My NEW Favorite Obscure Indicator


Why….because I like the name …KST = Know Sure Thing !

Look how this has bottomed…lets watch the Know Sure Thing



But remember…Indicators are derivatives of the Price action NOT the other way around

Don’t Forget Your SOX


Interesting Insight to Consider

From Spock and Members


We’re buying down the value chain. NMI and MUX were and are probably great companies, but they’re on the open seas now (in the ETFs) and their stock is subject to additional forces beyond their control. The way I see it, we’re buying minnows and holding them until they’re big enough to swim in the ocean. That’s the best growth profile, even if it’s not nearly as fast and predictable as the growth of fish.

Good analogy!

…and once they get big enough to start swimming in the ocean the sharks come after them. I think this is sensible way to remove a little more risk from the portfolio.

inflation now baked in the cake

The bankruptcy of a major player, often confirms the bottom is in. We had that a couple of weeks ago with Hanjin Shipping Lines of South Korea, a global top 10 shipping carrier, who filed for receivership.

The $BDI has been posted here earlier, but what is most interesting, are the two bear fear trap lows. The first was followed by a massive reversal. Are we about to see the same scenario. Quite possibly.

There is a potential Wolfe Wave too, showing a target north of 4000. Inflation is coming. With that market interest rates will rise, despite the central banks, who are always way behind the curve, and will forced to cover.

This is good for metals and commodities across the board, especially gold and silver, given the amount of QE sloshing around the planet. Emerging markets and commodities producing countries will benefit.

Ignore what the central banks are doing. watch the $BDI. Its more reliable indicator of market forces.

Markets rule. Not central banks. Not the media. Not the opinions.


EW Software Update

Just a quick update to show the software says we have hit the bottom of Wave 2 and are starting Wave 3 up in the PM Miners.



Many times the lower left tip of the bold inner shape is the target for the waves, so that would point to a ~50% increase in about 2 months.

global markets positioning

what are the markets smelling?
a whiff of inflation in the air?
or that and something else …


Significant Chart to keep a close eye on


GDXJ Morphing Diamond


$Gold; $Silver; $HUI – Daily







Bullish Rising wedge on the weekly in play. Could jump to nearly $1 before the end of the 4th Qtr if we have indeed seen the lows in Gold.

One FED day does not a trend make we need more follow through.

USD Gold and Miner Cycles

I am still somewhat cautious here but the move in the USD and the PM Complex makes me wonder if the 5-6 month Intermediate Cycle Low is not over a bit early here similar to the 2009 Fractal (see 2nd chart in attached link). Seems the USD was rejected at the 200ma when the Fed failed to raise rates as expected. Perhaps we will get Norvast’s shortened Gold ICL after all (similar to his 2009 Echo year)?


I just don’t see what will turn the USD back up here. More “jawboning” by Fed members? The market fell for that last time but I can’t believe it would continue to work as they have zero credibility as it seems to be that all they can do is talk about raising rates. My Gold chart shows price would need to move above 1350 to confirm a new Intermediate Cycle.

Miners and Silver charts are also bullish with GDX breaking my IC Downtrend line.

screenshot-2016-09-21-14-09-47 screenshot-2016-09-21-14-16-33

screenshot-2016-09-21-14-30-02 screenshot-2016-09-21-14-27-27

I guess I would call that bullish!

Time for some Bullish Action?


HUI hitting HOD (NMI.to and RIC.to on fire.) Up over 10%

HUI has lots of room to move on the daily chart. I DO BELIEVE THIS CORRECTION IS KAPUT.


HUI if it rises above 250 the possible HS top is nullified.


had the oversold cycle on Fed day right, but was slightly out of phase for the right shoulder

positive divergence via TSI ( gold line ) played out



GDX 15 filled the second gap and hitting resistance…


HUI Weekly

HUI Weekly chart has made a backtest of the 200 WMA and looks like it could advance from here.



I am working on a proprietary indicator using Polynomial Regression.

Yesterday the yellow line gave me a confirmation signal…

Also on the first chart, we can see a clear overshoot which usually signals a reversal.

Let see if it works.


GDX 2 Hour




We are 5 weeks out from the high in the S&P 500. Stochastics, RSI, CCI are not yet at oversold levels that have corresponded with prior lows being made. We need either more time or a lower price.